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Mió Evanne was born close to the arctic circle, in a little village in the north of Sweden called Tallberg. He is the son of a priest and an artist and he grew up in Luleå with his brother and sisters. After music school he became a hairdresser with a twist. Beside his work at the hair salon he used to write columns in a newspaper, worked at the radiostation, sang in the church choir, wrote two books and played ”Simon” in a Swedish movie called ”Att göra en pudel”. Mió is married to Sebastian and have three kids and is now living in both Sweden and in the south of France. Accidentally he ended up as a background singer to the french singer mlle Julie, in her song ”French Paradise” and one thing led to another. Mió – on french you will pronounce his name [Miaux] plays both piano and the guitar and loves to compose both lyrics and music.


Composed, played and produced by Xavier Boscher

Lyrics : Mió Evanne

Photo : © Irina Nilsson photography

Electro version video realized by Jimmy Sundin


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